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AHEPA District 20 fundraising project

"Upon this rock I will rebuild my church"

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & Shrine project plan in gearing our chapter to coordinate a fund raising effort scheduled for DECEMBER 7, 2014.  As many of you know December 6 is St. Nicholas Day in the church, and we want to ask all of our chapters to try to hold an event after church on December 7 as a fund raiser for our kick off to the fundraising efforts.
AHEPA District 20 will be soliciting funds both inside and outside of the chapters, but a request for this program is to ask EVERY chapter to raise $1,000 for this program and in addition to that the District to raise $5,000 for this endeavor.   
This is a 2 year plan to have funds collected by District and presented to National as a whole all chapters getting due recognition for their own endeavors.
We will be posting these amounts on our St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & Shrine on this page.


Thank you for the contributions

Mary and Robert Pascale, NYC
Brother Nick Edwards
Brother Peter Koulos 
Brother Nick Latkovick
Brother Robert Sexton PSG
Sister Carol Stathopoulos

$1,000.00 Chapter 152 Los Angelas, CA

$1,000.00* Chapter 219 Pheonix, AZ

$1,000.00** Chapter 223 San Diego, CA

$1,000.00 Chapter 233 San Pedro, CA

$1,000.00** Chapter 243 Santa Barbara, CA

$3,450.00 Chapter 275 Tucson, AZ

$1,000.00 Chapter 302 San Bernardino, C

$250.00** Chapter 314 Las Vegas, NV

$1,000.00** Chapter 318 Hollywood, CA

$1,250.00** Chapter 342 Long Beach, CA

$1,000.00 Chapter 373 Pasadena, CA

$1,495.00 Chapter 411 Anaheim, CA

$1,000.00 Chapter 412 San Fernando, CA

$1058.95** Chapter 426 Redondo Beach, CA

$1,000.00 Chapter 454 Chandler, AZ

$1,000.00** Chapter 527 Orange Coast, CA

$1,145.00** Chapter 528 Palm Desert, CA

$6,085.00* District 20 Pin sales and Donations

*through pin sales

** Donated some or all directly to national

Total contribution for District 20

$36,500 to date

18 Chapters participated.

Additional $3,500.00 donated from raffle of guitar donated by Guild Guitars for Chris Hillman

Winner of guitar Brother Bill Lambripoulas PDG, District 20

June 25, 2016

Thanks to the above all the brothers who donated and received commemorative pin for the District 20 lodge commitment.

Get your pin today. donate $20.00 or more and will mail one to you.

pay through paypal below.

*supplies limited, order today

Why isn’t the Port Authority of NewYork/New Jersey building the Shrine?

The Port Authority of New York/New Jersey has constructed the underground infrastructure and foundation along with the necessary security measures needed for a property located at Ground Zero.

How much is needed to build the Saint Nicholas National Shrine?

Estimates are $38 million.

What is the goal of AHEPA’s fundraising campaign for Saint Nicholas National
To contribute at least $500,000 toward the construction of the Saint Nicholas National Shrine.
What is the timeline for AHEPA’s fundraising campaign?
It will be a two-year campaign culminating with a lump-sum donation in the fall of 2016.
How much is AHEPA asking its districts/chapters to contribute?
For chapters: a minimum of $1,000 over the two-year campaign drive. For districts: a minimum of $5,000 over the two yearcampaign.
To what entity do I make my District 20 check donation payable?

Make your check payable to:
AHEPA District 20
attn: Dayv Marlow
10505 W. Mars Road
Tucson, AZ 85743

Earmark it: St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church & Shrine
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