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($100 for 10 years by 500 Donors)

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Spearheaded by several dedicated members of the AHEPA family, the dream of a scholarship
program was realized in 1959. Members of the AHEPA family were given piggy banks and
asked to save a penny a day. Thus, the program became known as the Piggy Bank Fund – a term
still in use today.
The Scholarship Fund began awarding scholarships in 1963 from the income generated each year
from these donations. As the fund continued to grow, the decision to incorporate was made in
To better reflect our tax-exempt status, the corporation’s name was changed to El Camino Real
District No. 20 AHEPA Scholarship Foundation in 1995. As a tax-exempt foundation, the
number of scholarships awarded is based upon the amount of interest derived from investments.
The AHEPA Scholarship Foundation takes the stewardship of investments very seriously.
Investments are professionally managed in conservative financial investments. The foundation’s
goal is to provide a scholarship for every qualified applicant.
Perpetual scholarship funds are established when a donor, or group of donors, deposits cash or
securities with the AHEPA Scholarship Foundation.
The Scholarship Foundation is asking all members of AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Maids of
Athena, Sons of Pericles and Friends to donate a minimum of $100 per year for the next ten years.
This is called the “500 / 10 / 100” Program ($100 for 10 years by 500 Donors).

Pledge form PDF

If you are able to give more, the Scholarship Foundation will be appreciative. If
circumstances are such that at this time you are unable to make this level of commitment, the
Scholarship Foundation still will be grateful for any participation you can manage.
Your generous donation will help the Scholarship Foundation continue to grow the existing
scholarship investments. This then will generate a larger amount of interest, thus ensuring
more student scholarships.
Should you have any questions, please call Scholarship Foundation President, Brent Noyes at
(818) 952-0192.


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